Scott Officially Launches His New Book "Most Improved" at the Redwood Writers 2019 Author Launch

Scott the Computer Repair & Data Recovery Troubleshooter is launching his new book “Most Improved” A book on recovering from depression and finding new purpose. Are you a aspiring writer, a writer yourself, or are you interested in checking out new books written by local authors? Join us at this Redwood Writers Group event, open to the public at the Flamingo Hotel on 2777 Fourth St. Santa Rosa, July 14, 2-4:30 PM....more

Most Improved

A story of transformation from selfishness to selflessness. “Most Improved” is a meditation on the process of personal transformation. I experienced a transformation from a “self-centered” worldly view on life, to a “universe-connected” consciousness, where all life has meaning. In August of 2017, I suffered a Cerebral Hemorrhage. While at work, I collapsed, was taken to the hospital, and diagnosed with high blood pressure. My recovery was a miracle, I suffer only minor damage to my body’s sensory systems, that improved over time....more