Scooters June 2018 Newsletter: Finger Print Sign-In, Duplicate Files, and Tracking Customer History

Hi, this is Scott Larson you signed up for my quarterly Scooter newsletter from a previous engagement. I had a class on learning the basics of the Windows 10 desktop. If you missed it you can check out the slides on my website.

In these newsletters I write about new technologies I discover and use in the field. I also deliver solutions based on these discoveries to my customers. You benefit from these discoveries as I write about how they improve my customer’s lives.

If you have any questions about these technologies and how they could improve your life please let me know by email at, phone at 707-536-1527 or text at 707-416-5811.

Use Touch ID to log into your websites.

Did you know that many online services offer apps that allow you to sign-in using your finger print? TouchID from Apple is becoming a very popular tool to sign into your websites. This technology makes it easier for my senior citizen customers who have an iPad or an iPhone to log-in to their bank and check their account history, or log into Netflix and watch movies by simply using their finger print to make the authentication happen. Contact me if you have or thinking about getting a Apple mobile device and need help setting up this very useful feature.

Find and clean duplicate files using DupeGuru.

Tired of wading though the nightmare of duplicate files? DupGuru is free software for PC, Mac, or Linux that helps you find and get rid of all types of duplicate files from photos to music and many other type of files. It has fuzzy logic to match files not just by file name, but also by file size.

Simplify customer history tracking using Contacts Journal for the Mac and iOS.

A customer consulted with me that wanted to track customer business interactions and history. Most of the Contact Resource Management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce are designed for Business to Business interactions and have a very complicated feature set that is overkill for independent service providers. Since this customer switched to a PC from a Mac recently Contacts Journal wouldn’t be an option since the product is only available for Mac and iOS devices. Instead I set the customer up with Notepad for Windows and a file management regiment as a replacement solution. What was great about the research I did on this subject was I was able to find a simple solution for my own business. I use iPads to manage my business on the go and Contacts Journal works perfect to maintain the history of each interaction I have with my customers so I can track and improve upon provided solutions.

Contacts Journal uses your existing contacts saved on your Mac or in iOS to create journal histories for each contact that you import into the app. You can track email communications, tasks, and create notes on calls. You can also schedule to-dos and appointments. What’s cool about Contacts Journal is that all of these actions are attached to the contact you already have in your contact application so you can easily find information about a particular customer that you already created a contact entry for. It also has a map feature that allows you to get from appointment to appointment with ease. It’s 39.99 for the Mac and 19.99 for iOS.

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