The world of Andrei Sakharov Ebook PDF to EPUB Conversion

I converted this PDF to EPUB to make it easier to read and find information as a reference book. The PDF format is great for maintaining the size and dimensions of paperwork, the format is not so good for scaling content to meet the size of different mobile screens. The EPUB format is an open TEXT/HTML based format that makes it very easy to reformat content for every screen size.

If you have a book that is in print or PDF format you may want to have it converted to a more dynamic digital format that makes it easier on your readers eyes. Its also more convenient to read a book in EPUB format as you don’t need to zoom into text and images can be looked at in different sizes. Also EPUB has a great dynamic table of contents that can make it very easy to jump back and forth between chapters, book mark pages, copy text, and write comments.