As ye have sown, so shall ye reap

“As ye have sown, so shall ye reap.” To me, this is is one of the greatest lessons ever taught by the Light of the World, but because it does not taste good, it been the least emphasized of all the teachings. When this law becomes so thoroughly instilled into the heart of [every man and woman] that it can never be forgotten, then we may begin to look for peace on earth and good will toward all,for when this comes to pass, each of us will be afraid to harm the other because of penalties to be paid during the next round of life or even for the remaining portion of this one. It is going to have to be done, my traveler; you cannot escape it, no matter where you go! Whether we wish to or not, we can not escape this law or any other law as set forth by the Great Soul of the Universe. You may grow as much or as little as you like; The responsibility rests upon you alone and to your own salvation or peril.

— Charles Paulsen, “The Traveler”