New Device

Device Setup Terms

When you purchase a device from me, I tend to perform a clean up and fine tuning operations that involve customizing the software/hardware. To provide the best possible performance while minimizing issues that arise out of faulty or unwanted software and hardware installed from 3rd parties I resell, I will remove or replace features that I deem best for my customers.

This might include removing or replacing (also by your request): security software, preloaded apps that are not part of the required core functionality of the system, or hardware that is causing performance bottlenecks like increasing the memory size, or the speed of the storage device.

At all times the device will be remain functional, but you might have an expectation about the device that I deliberately changed. If you have a required need for a default application that would have existed with another device provider please let me know so that we can talk about that requirement.

If you request a removal of an application, you will be liable for any ramification of that request. For instance: If you request that a default security package be removed due to the fact that you prefer to install your own and you forget to perform that operation, and that inaction cause some kind of harm to you, another party, or to any property; You, and you alone are responsible.