If you have a question or problem with your device, and your Internet connection is still working, I can service your device over the Internet. I can speak with you over the phone while I am looking at the problem and give you a cost analysis. ...more


I offer one on one consultations to advise or offer solutions to technical challenges either in my office or at your location. I sit down with you, record information about your problem and can offer a analysis/resolution or a cost estimate if the situation calls for further work or equipment. This information can be handed to you in print format or emailed to you electronically. ...more


Is your computer running slow or not the way you expected it to operate? Are you having problems with security? Find out how you can increase the performance of your current computer without having to spend more than you need on a new one! Call or schedule an appointment on-line to Drop your hardware by my shop and get a free system check-up today. Scott Larson offers a comprehensive checkup of your computer when you just want to make sure your computer is running normally....more


I handle requests for computer assistance by phone 9am to 7pm Monday though Friday and sometimes on the weekends if I don’t have other engagements. I offer a fist time free 20 minute consultation on any challenge you are having, after that I charge $1.00 a minute up to a max of 3 hours. There are some issues that are better handled in person or by remote. If you have a question about my services please contact me at 707-536-1527. ...more