If you have a question or problem with your device, and your Internet connection is still working, I can service your device over the Internet. I can speak with you over the phone while I am looking at the problem and give you a cost analysis.

Please inquire about your current data backup state before I handle any issues you are having. I am not responsible for data loss (of any kind), or hardware damage that results due to a servicing. Having a [backup strategy](/updates/update-disaster-recovery-fire-insurance/) is important.

I can only evaluate and repair these types of issues:

  • Software Application Crashing Issues
  • Software Application Setup and Configuration
  • Spyware Infections
  • Non-functional devices
  • Performance Issues
  • Operating System Errors and Glitches
  • Network File Sharing Problems
  • Video Display Problems
  • Some forms of Data Loss

Supported Devices

  • Mac
  • PC
  • Desktop
  • Laptop

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