Terms of Service


All payments can be made via check or cash. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you can paypal me money at slarson -at- scottrlarson.com or by venmo at @scottrlarson Payments are due upon pick-up of your device, or before I leave the location where I provide you service. If special arrangements are made for recurring service, upon receipt of a bill of service no more than two weeks after receiving it....more

Your Privacy

Communication Privacy Statement During the servicing of your device, I may have to access certain areas of your file system, or online accounts, that might contain private information. I will not knowingly take any action that involves breaching the privacy to your digital information in any way. I take every effort within my ability to secure any private/personal communications/data from any locations that I service devices at. There is a possibility that my communications could be intercepted (that might contain information about you, or a 3rd party) without my knowledge....more

Data Transfer Services

Please be aware that migrating to and from different technologies can result in problems with 3rd party hardware or software. I am your facilitator in that process, I am not representative for these third party technologies that are out of my control. Please make manual backups of all your important data before making a service request. If you have any special programs/data outside of written documents, music, videos and pictures, I will ask you to show me where this data is stored before I can proceed with any data transfer service....more

New Device Setup

When you purchase a device from me, I tend to perform a clean up and fine tuning operations that involve customizing the software/hardware. To provide the best possible performance while minimizing issues that arise out of faulty or unwanted software and hardware installed from 3rd parties, I will remove or replace features that I deem best for my customers. This might include removing, or replacing (also by your request): security software, preloaded apps that are not part of the required core functionality of the system, or hardware that is causing performance bottlenecks....more

Your Time Frame Expectations

During the evaluation period, I will do my best to communicate to you the length of time a service might require. With certain technical problems the length of time to diagnose and repair can range from a couple hours, days, or even weeks depending on the issue, and the time may change depending on what crops up during the servicing. If you cannot be without your device for the length of time specified during the servicing, ask about acquiring a replacement, or loaner device....more

My Reservation of Rights

All my rights as a individual who services the public are reserved. I reserve the right to: Refuse to accept you as a new customer. Halt work in progress if I feel like a habit is forming where my time is being taken advantage of by you, your employees, or any other person, or agent that operates on your behalf. Such possibilities for me to refuse or halt work are:...more

Contracting with me

When you request a service from me by yourself or as part of any organization, it is by contract with you (as a individual) by your authorization, or recurring engagement with me to have a service performed. Please note that any arrangement between us is two party. You [Customer] and I [Service Man]. My status is a individual who provides a service, not an employee. As such if I provide a service for you that results in an exchange of property (My services for any payment method you use to compensate me) it does not include exchanging property between a 3rd party....more

Right to Self-Regulation

Appointment No-shows & being late

If you fail to show up and fail to contact me about a delay or no show to a appointment where I require your presence I will bill you a minimum hour fee for my time. Please see my rates available on my home page of my website at http://scottrlarson.com I require a 3 hour notice on cancellations. If you cancel a appointment in the three hour window I will charge you half my billable rate given that particular service....more

Responsible Communication

If I require communication from you on resolving an issue where I cannot complete a requested task without that communication it is not my responsibility to provide you with reoccurring communications or reminders. I will send one communication via whatever means you require and it will be your responsibility to respond. If your failure to follow up or a late response on a communication prevents or delays me from performing on a task you require from me, that failure to communicate does not cancel my billable rate involved in performing on that task or subsequent follow up tasks that result due to delayed or failed communications....more