I will not be liable, nor responsible for data loss of any kind regardless of the reason. Please back up your data or talk to me about a backup strategy before having any work done.

I will not be liable, nor responsible for issues, errors, and any situation that arises with any hardware, or software related failure, with your device, due to: design flaws, wear and tear, glitches, bugs, mishandling of hardware, or software by yourself, or any third party.


Any equipment left behind for over a period of 90 days from the date of service will be destroyed/recycled. Depending on my time constraints, I will make a effort to contact you, even though I am not required to, this may involve all of the following during this 90 day period: a few calls, an email, and a post letter. If I am not able to reach you, or you do not respond to any of my communications within this time frame, regardless of the reason, I am assuming you do not want whatever equipment you have left behind, and your equipment will be irrevocably destroyed/sold to cover any costs. I will do my best to secure wipe your data to protect your privacy, but I am not liable for any results that occur from any kind of breach to your personal data from devices that are in my care.