Terms of Service

Service Guarantee

Device Diagnostic, Repairs & Remote Management

Diagnostics and Analysis Services Diagnostic fees cover my time in troubleshooting an issue, and for me to provide you with a expert report on what I think the problem is based on my observations, or for me to provide you with a recommendation in the event the device unable to be repaired due to time or cost. Providing Service Prerequisites When you bring your device in for servicing, after a repair, or when you agree to allow me to remotely manage your device’s security, backup or upkeep, I may install certain applications/shortcuts on your desktop that help provide ongoing services or to maintain a business relationship....more

Data Transfer Services

Please be aware that migrating to and from different technologies can result in problems with 3rd party hardware or software. I am your facilitator in that process, I am not representative for these third party technologies that are out of my control. Please make manual backups of all your important data before making a service request. If you have any special programs/data outside of written documents, music, videos and pictures, I will ask you to show me where this data is stored before I can proceed with any data transfer service....more

New Device Setup

When you purchase a device from me, I tend to perform a clean up and fine tuning operations that involve customizing the software/hardware. To provide the best possible performance while minimizing issues that arise out of faulty or unwanted software and hardware installed from 3rd parties, I will remove or replace features that I deem best for my customers. This might include removing, or replacing (also by your request): security software, preloaded apps that are not part of the required core functionality of the system, or hardware that is causing performance bottlenecks....more