Terms of Service

My Response Times

Unless my work schedule is nearing the end of the day, I will respond to communications within three hours, or less. There are a few exceptions to this time frame: If I am on a emergency appointment where I cannot get away, I am on vacation, I am out sick, or it is during off hours I will then respond to any and all communications on the next business day, when I return from vacation/sick leave, or after the holiday....more

Who can request service


I will not be liable, nor responsible for data loss of any kind regardless of the reason. Please back up your data or talk to me about a backup strategy before having any work done. I will not be liable, nor responsible for issues, errors, and any situation that arises with any hardware, or software related failure, with your device, due to: design flaws, wear and tear, glitches, bugs, mishandling of hardware, or software by yourself, or any third party....more