Your Privacy

Communication Privacy Statement

During the servicing of your device, by your request, I may have to access certain areas of your file system, or online accounts, that might contain private information. I will not knowingly take any action that involves breaching the privacy to your digital information in any way. I take every effort within my ability to secure any private/personal communications/data from any locations that I service devices at. There is a possibility that my communications (that might contain information about you, or a 3rd party) could be intercepted by a online or at-location attacker without my knowledge. Also if my physical location is breached, your private information could be compromised. In cases beyond my control, I am not liable for any damages that may result from any 3rd party intrusions.

Data Privacy Statement

When you bring your device to me for servicing, I make an encrypted safety backup of your device’s system data. This includes the system hard drive, or storage device, and/or any other device that is required for the system to function normally.

I do this in case a problem crops up after the service is complete that would prevent you from accessing your device. I keep this backup in encrypted form for around 4 months. This means that if my equipment were ever to get lost, or a theft occurred, it would not be easy to retrieve any personal information from my backups that are encrypted. I currently use standard 256-bit AES encryption for my backups.

To provide to you a service such as, but not limited to, a data transfer service, I also may need to access certain areas of your device’s file system that could contain private information. I have strict principles against sharing private information about customers with any third party, unless it’s to provide to you a specific service that I subcontract to another provider, such as, but not limited to, a data recovery service provider. In the case where I pass information to a 3rd party provider, they have their own privacy policies that your data, or information would fall under once the device is in their possession. If you have specific questions, or concerns, that are outside of these described scopes, please contact me to get clarification.