Right to Self-Regulation

All my rights as a service providing individual are reserved.

When I provide you a service, or if an arrangement that benefits both parties is agreed upon, or in the works, I reserve the right not to subject myself to background checks, licenses to do business, be employed by another, or any process that subjects me to any authority other than my own.

Please note that this right is not a claim of lawlessness. I am responsible for my conduct in my personal and professional life. If there is a claim of wrong doing by a person, I will answer that claim and take responsibility for any action I take that harms another being.

I reserve the right to: refuse to accept you as a new customer, halt work in progress if there is a breach in my terms of service by you, your employees, or any other person that operates on your behalf. Such possibilities for me to refuse or halt work are: being abusive, in writing or in person. Making a habit of being late, or not showing up. Making a habit of failing to communicate when I require a response to continue to provide you service. Making a habit of not paying me on time or when I require it.