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Scott Larson - The Troubleshooter | A Computer Repair & Data Recovery Provider

Scott Larson

The Troubleshooter

A Computer Repair & Data Recovery Service Provider

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I provide information technology consultations, computer repair and data recovery services directly to the public of Santa Rosa, and its surrounding areas.

The Troubleshooter in 2019

2019 has been a really good year for the services I provide. My new office has provided me with an increase in space to perform repairs, and provide consultations. I appreciate your support, there are plenty of others you can choose from, but more and more people are choosing my services to help them with their technology needs. People like you who support independent businesses helps bring all of us together and helps keep the money where it belongs, in the community. All in all, putting energy in places where you want to make the most difference helps create a better world. Below are some articles that I wrote to address home and business technology concerns that are becoming more prevalent in the last decade.

Protecting your Smart Phone from being hacked

Do you rely on your Smart Phone to keep track of your daily life? Learn how to protect it from would be thieves...More

What is Identity Theft Protection and do you need it?

I often get asked about Identity Theft Protection services. Is it really worth your time and money? Read about what I found.

Restoring your digital life from backup after a disaster

Did you know that back-ups alone are sometimes not enough to recover from a disaster?...More

25% off of my custom built gaming PC's

Receive 25% off for a custom built Gaming PC!!!. Use the exclusive code: CUSTOMPC2020. You might have a son or nephew who needs a new custom gaming PC built by an expert for the latest games coming out in 2020. Also I can help you spec out an upgrade, or an entire rebuild. I also handle a performance/instability problems...More

To purchase a custom gaming PC, or if you have a question about one, contact me

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