You previously consulted with me on a electronic device repair or a information technology consultation. I obtained your permission to email you from time to time about our services and the state of technology.

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It looks like we are finally returning to some sort of normality. It's been very enjoyable to see people return to the outdoors. It is our hope you and your family were safe during these difficult times. As for me and our wife, we have greatly appreciated your support and business that has kept us afloat.

Don't let slowdowns get you down

This year many of my customers who work from home experienced productivity concerns with their computers or laptops. Many performance and stability issues are the result of out-of-date hardware. These problems usually pop up over a five to seven-year period and get worse over time. If you are noticing a major slow down in the operation of your device, you might need an upgrade, or, more importantly, it could be a storage device failure that can result in data loss. In situations that cause data loss, it's critical to respond to warning signs ASAP. Contact me now for a free evaluation.

Fraud Check-in, a scam protection service

Last year there was an uptick in home user fraud-based scams, I now am recommending that everyone learn to use a password manager and pair your important online accounts with an Authenticator App. Computer hackers have taken advantage of the stay-at-home order to target the elderly and the technology challenged. This year I advised our customers not to use the same password across multiple websites and to take care when storing passwords on paper. Passwords on paper are easy to lose or can be used without your knowledge. Recovering from identity theft is no laughing matter.

If you or someone you know is experiencing memory loss or confusion with these online technologies, talk to them about preventive measures. Also If you, or someone you know is constantly being a target of online technologies fraud contact me for more information about setting up a service subscription where I can provide regular check-ins with tips that aim to reduce online email, or phone-based scams for caregivers.

The goal of our Fraud Protection Service is to prevent you, or a significant other, from blindly following directions or advice from a communication where you haven't established the person’s identity through a reputable 3rd party. Especially when the communication is asking for personal information. Thank you for being a part of making the world a better place to live by supporting small independent services like ours.

Thank you for your continued business, we appreciate it. As a local service provider we depend on people like you to keep our service local.

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