Limited Liability

Protecting Your Data

I make every effort to protect your data, but I am not responsible for your data, you are. I perform backups of your device a before a start a service, but my backups are for internal use and done for safety reasons only. If something goes wrong with a servicing, I can use this backup to restore the computer to its original configuration. This means that whatever data was on the device, can get restored from my safety backup. Due to the way in which my backup software takes a snapshot of the storage device, if any data that you think exists on the device is not restored then the data never existed the storage device in the first place. Also, I only keep this backup for up to 4 months after the servicing. It’s important that you do not rely on my backups because you could misplace or forget where your data lives and assume data is lost when, in fact, it did exist on the device in the first place, or it got moved before your device entered into my possession. Its always important to make your own backups before requesting any service, if you need help performing your own backups, contact me and I will send you info.

Software Bugs - Hardware Wear & Tear

In the process of updating software, or making changes to the way software functions on your device, bugs and errors can be introduced by the way in which software interacts with the operating system. Also failures in the functioning of hardware could be introduced as a result of my servicing. Some of the resulting failures could be related to, but not limited to: design flaws, wear and tear, glitches, bugs, you or any third party mishandling of hardware/software prior to servicing or improper maintenance. If this situations arises, additional costs outside the quoted or estimated fees might be required. My liability and responsibility stops at my service guarantee. If I fail to complete a specific piece of work, or I misconfigure/mishandle your device I will take responsibility.

Communication and Equipment Left Behind

I am very proactive in keeping you in the loop on the status of your device. If for some reason I do not hear back from you on a communication for a period of 120 days, depending on my time constraints, and any arrangements we have, such as a lengthy pending shipment of a replacement part, I may have to recycle/retire your device after your data has been securely removed. I will make an effort to contact you, even though I am not required to. This may involve all of the following during this 120 day period: a few calls, an email, a text message (If a mobile number is on file), and a post letter(IF I have an address for you on file). If I am not able to reach you, or you do not respond to any of my communications within this time frame, regardless of the reason, I am assuming you do not want whatever equipment you have left behind, and your equipment will be irrevocably destroyed or may be sold to cover any costs. I will do my best to secure wipe your data to protect your privacy, but I am not liable for any results that occur from any kind of breach to your personal data from devices that are in my care even though I excel at protecting your data while your device is in my care. For more information about the my limited liability and protection of your data, please see my privacy terms.