Terms of Service

Your Privacy

Communication Privacy Statement During the servicing of your device, by your request, I may have to access certain areas of your file system, or online accounts, that might contain private information. I will not knowingly take any action that involves breaching the privacy to your digital information in any way. I take every effort within my ability to secure any private/personal communications/data from any locations that I service devices at....more

My Responsibilities

As a professional computer technician, I’m responsible for addressing operational related issues with technology at the time of servicing. Preexisting unrelated/related software or hardware problems can be revealed at any time during the servicing. Occasionally these problems can be missed during a servicing. These issues can cause pervasive and reoccurring issues that may require follow-up and secondary servicing/intervention to resolve. When these rare situations arise, If I spot the issue during my servicing I will reach out to you to let you know of a problem, when this happens, I may need to perform a diagnostic to resolve the issue, I will bill you for my diagnostic time under these circumstances, if you have any questions about these follow up fees, please contact me....more

Service Guarantee

All my services are guaranteed to be free of mistakes in servicemanship. Any device purchased from me that has parts containing a replacement guarantee from the manufacturer, also carries my 1 year labor replacement warranty from the day of purchase. Software support is usually outside of the scope of my Service Guarantee If you request software or a service to be setup, maintained, or repaired on your device/s, and you require support during or after my servicing, I may be required to interact with the software or service provider to resolve the issue....more

Device Diagnostic, Repairs & Remote Management

Diagnostics and Analysis Services Diagnostic fees cover my time in troubleshooting an issue, and for me to provide you with a expert report on what I think the problem is based on my observations, or for me to provide you with a recommendation in the event the device unable to be repaired due to time or cost. Providing Service Prerequisites When you bring your device in for servicing, after a repair, or when you agree to allow me to remotely manage your device’s security, backup or upkeep, I may install certain applications/shortcuts on your desktop that help provide ongoing services or to maintain a business relationship....more

Data Transfer Services

Please be aware that migrating to and from different technologies can result in problems with 3rd party hardware or software. I am your facilitator in that process, I am not representative for these third party technologies that are out of my control. If I encounter an issue with any 3rd party technology (Hardware or Software that was not setup by me), I may need to troubleshoot/diagnose the issue, handled under my diagnostic fees, before I can continue the work....more

New Device Setup

When you purchase a device from me, bring a new device in for setup or a tune-up, I will remove or replace features that I deem best for my customers. These fine tuning operations are done to improve customer experience…