You previously consulted with me on a electronic device repair or a information technology consultation. I obtained your permission to email you from time to time about my services and the state of technology.

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As part of providing you computer assistance, I also track trends that can cause unplanned service calls. I noticed recently many Internet service providers that bundle in email often change or add security and features that negatively impact regular access to email. To improve productivity, reliability, and secure access to your email, contacts, and event information, I provide setup and support assistance with Cloud Office Services like Office 365 and Fastmail.

With a Cloud Office Service, your email, contacts, and calendars move with you. Where ever you are, at home on your laptop, on vacation with your tablet, or in the office on your computer, you have access to the data you need most. The best part of having a subscription service like this is that I provide support and offer solutions that improve your experience with these products.

Why deal with mail providers that don't have your best interests at heart or support that isn't there when you need it?

Prices start at $100 a year with a setup fee that starts at $300. I migrate your current mail, contacts, and calendar to a Cloud Office provider, set up a personal custom domain name (If needed) so you never have to switch emails again.

I also configure your desktops, laptops, and tablets with the new Cloud Office service and make sure it's up and running the way you expect it to. Never miss an email/event or lose access to your contacts again. Contact me to set up your own personal cloud office service today.

For more information about the differences between many bundled email packages and Cloud Office services, read on.

Weakness of Free or Bundled Email Services

The drawbacks of hosting your email with providers that bundle many services together are:

  • Data Harvesting: Attempting to gain more information about your buying habits so they can market other services to you that you don’t need.
  • Resource Hogging Ads: Unless you are using an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail, bundled service providers usually display ads on your email screen.
  • Customer Lock-in: Implementing features in their platform that aim to lock customers into their services making switching to a new provider more difficult.

Strengths of Cloud Office Services

  • Cloud Office Experience: Services that offer email, contacts and calendar services exclusively will usually put efforts into making the service as fast and as usable as possible.
  • Cloud Office Accessibility: Your email, contacts, and calendar are securely accessible from any device. This is handy if you want to access your data from another location.
  • Cloud Office Support: Non-Bundled services are usually better at responding to issues related to the operation of the service, and with my expert technical support in working with vendors in getting quick answers, you can't go wrong.

If you or anyone you know needs help switching to my new cloud office service, or you would just like to let others know about my services, you can send them this email that contains two printable PDF's: My Cloud Office Services promotion and my business portfolio.

Thank you for your continued business, we appreciate it. As a local service provider we depend on people like you to keep our service local.

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