Mental Health Awareness Month

I heard about Mental Health Awareness Month from another Youtuber “Ben Gravey” a surfer who was an alcoholic who changed his life through surfing. I had a life-changing experience myself and I thought it would be a good idea to share it. In 2017 I had a brain hemorrhage. The doctor said it was brought on by out-of-control blood pressure. To be fair, my blood was high pressure back then so they may have been right....more

Return to Laurentum

Dear kinsman, I am writing this letter to you in the message of the spirit in the hopes that you will receive it one day. You have been missing for a generation. We have heard from the Great Soul that you have become lost in the “Forgotten Land” where many of our brethren have gone missing. We wonder why you have taken a detour from your pilgrimage to the final resting place....more

Life is a treacherous climb

The sun is a friend to me. It lights up the way to myself, filling me with gratitude and wellbeing. Even when it shines in my face while I’m trying to write. I cannot become too annoyed. I know that to become annoyed is to invite a breakdown. Being a man requires calmness and patience. For myself, my world, and my life. Every day I get up when the sun rises, and go to sleep when the sun sets....more

Armstrong Woods Reflections

I come alive when I get out of my own way. After I had a Cerebral Hemorrhage back in 2017, my physiology changed. I will call this health challenge “The Event” moving forward. A turning point in my life that was on the level of how an earthquake shakes up the landscape. I spontaneously developed different habits and goals for my life. And it changed the kind of person I was destined to be....more

Most Improved

A story of transformation from selfishness to selflessness. “Most Improved” is a meditation on the process of personal transformation. I experienced a transformation from a “self-centered” worldly view on life, to a “universe-connected” consciousness, where all life has meaning. In August of 2017, I suffered a Cerebral Hemorrhage. While at work, I collapsed, was taken to the hospital, and diagnosed with high blood pressure. My recovery was a miracle, I suffer only minor damage to my body’s sensory systems, that improved over time....more