OEM Deceptive Design Practices: Recent Anti-Customer Changes to Desktop & Laptop Technology

I repair computers and provide solutions to everyday computer challenges for home users and very small businesses. To find out more about me, visit my home page. Very recently, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers of consumer desktops and laptops, like Dell, HP and Sony, etc.) have been introducing new features into the Basic Input/Output System (the system that controls all the hardware in a computer). These features are put in under the guise of protecting the consumer, but in practice they are unnecessary and over-complicating the setup and experience, reducing ownership power and ownership privacy....more

My transition from Windows to Linux in an anti-customer age

I am a computer professional that helps the public with technology. I have been troubleshooting computer problems for over 25 years. To find out more about me, visit my home page. Here I am, back in Windows. I’m realizing that my journey to a Freedom-Of-Choice Desktop environment is riddled with traps from my past. My familiarity with the apps and processes of Windows haunts my every move. It’s challenging to find replacements and workarounds for what I used to be able to do… But then my determination kicked in....more

Will one repairable laptop change the world?

In the last couple of years, laptop technology has been advancing in a direction of portability. Reducing the weight and size of technology enriches how we live. We now have mobile devices that are ultra-portable, and with these advancements it makes it possible to connect with friends and family, or create works of art, anywhere in the world. What hasn’t advanced along with the portability of technology is the ecological impact we are having on the environment under this current paradigm....more