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Why everyone should use a password manager

We are in an age where password security is becoming very important to our ability to function in society, but not for the reasons you expect. The password strength, although a problem, isn’t the real problem. The real problem is having to remember passwords for the multitude of online accounts we are forced to create to survive in the modern age of technology. In a survey performed last year by Digital Guardian, an average person or business associates their email address with 130 accounts....more

Protecting Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Smartphones are much more than simple tools to make calls and take pictures. They have become our personal assistants. Storing everything about us. On the one hand, using a smartphone for our day to day living makes life much more convenient. On the other hand, storing all that info about our life on one device that we take with us on the go, opens us up to data theft. It’s nothing to be afraid of, its important for our society to be open....more