EZ CD Audio Converter Guide (Convert Mp3)

This guide covers the basics of converting music files from your current format to mp3 using EZ Audio Converter. If you have questions about this guide, please contact me. For more in-depth in formation on how to use particular features, visit the support page. EZ CD Audio Converter is a music converter software designed for highest quality audio format conversions. Easy-to-use, the most comprehensive audio file format converter trusted by home users, audio enthusiasts, professionals, studios, and radio stations worldwide....more

How to Use the Enpass Password Manager

This guide covers the basics of setting up a Enpass on a new device, how to add new information to Enpass and how to use Enpass to log into your accounts.

How to Check PC Hardware Temperatures

You alone are responsible and liable for any action you take as a result of reading this information. Occasionally, hardware problems like bluescreens and system or video errors can be related to too high of hardware temperatures. Problems related to hardware temperatures usually appear intermittent, but they usually start to happen after the computer has been running for awhile, or when a resource intensive application has been running for awhile....more

Managing Macrium Reflect Backups For Beginners

Macrium Software was founded in 2006 when CEO and Founder Nick Sills experienced a personal data disaster and in the process discovered existing backup tools were not as good as he expected. Wanting a software solution that was practical and easy to use, Nick and his team developed Macrium Reflect to create a safe and secure disk image with ultra-fast recovery times. This is a guide to help beginners perform some operations of managing their own backups....more

Removing Duplicate Photos from your PC.

This guide shows you how to scan and remove duplicate photos using the PC application “dupeGuru”. Launch DupeGuru from the desktop icon. Select the application mode for the appropriate files you are going to be scanning for: Standard, Music, or Pictures. Since this guide is going to be for Pictures choose that mode. Tap on the plus icon to choose the folders to scan for duplicates. On the left column, choose “This PC” and then select your “Pictures” folder then click “Select Folder” at the bottom right....more