Andrei Sakharov Ebook Conversion Project

I converted this PDF to EPUB to make it easier to read and find information as a reference book. The PDF format is great for maintaining the size and dimensions of paperwork, the format is not so good for scaling content to meet the size of different mobile screens. The EPUB format is an open TEXT/HTML based format that makes it very easy to reformat content for every screen size....more website development

I customized the design of Norcal Specialty Surgery Center website with the aesthetics of the building, the colors the staff use for their scrubs and the rock and roll wall hanging pictures. I wanted a clean, elegant and simple design to make it easy for the public to find information about their services. I made this site very search engine friendly by sticking strictly with HTML and CSS for all of the content....more IWEB to Wordpress Migration

Originally was hosted with a now defunct apple website platform called IWEB. I converted the content for this site over to the Wordpress content management system so it would be easy to update and maintain for the customer. Wordpress is a very easy to use content system that offers auto updating to keep the technology behind the platform current. I also added a lightbox image viewer for the photos on the site to make the images easier to view....more Diagnose & Repair: HTML Website Loading Stuck Issue