The Importance of Regular Device Maintenance

We live in an age of mobile devices. We are accustom to replacing a device before it needs maintenance with the exception of laptop’s and desktops. If you have a device that you want to keep as long as possible, maintenance is the glue that holds the operation of your device together. Just like your prized automobile, changing out the tires and oil keeps it operational for your most important trips.

In a way, computers physically operate much like an automobile. Many times there are moving parts, but most of the time there is heat from the electrical operation of the components. And there are features like drivers that bridge the gap between two components. Usually between the CPU (Brain) and the Storage Device (Long Term Memory). Dusting your device usually tackles the heat problem, and updating drivers keeps the communication between components operating smoothly. Over time as your computer is updated, and as programs are added these new features require smooth operation of your device. Otherwise you have failures that cause downtime and loss of data.

Backups become important if you have data on your device that you do not want to lose. A disaster recover solution is the most robust solution for people that want limited down time. But you can get by with just a cloud backup solution, or copying files by hand to a flash drive.

You can hire me to dust your computer, update software, check your security and drivers once a year if you are one of those people who value your up time, and do not want to have to replace your device by surprise.

Contact me for more information on how I can help you avoid down time and the unexpected loss of your device due to unnecessary wear and tear.