Password Managers

Here is my recommendations for Password Managers. I look for solutions that are cross-platform, reliable, and since many of them store your private information on a cloud service, the provider needs to have good security practices. Also, the password manager should not have too many features that complicate the use and performance of the solution. The solution should also have the ability to sync your passwords in an encrypted form to a 3rd party cloud service, instead of including its own cloud solution. This is so you can access and sync your passwords across multiple devices, and not have all of your eggs in one basket. Similar to investing, this practice spreads your risk across multiple solutions, minimizing the impact on your life if the provider ever happens to change their policies, or suffer outages. The draw back is that is a bit more complicated to setup since you have to link your password manager to your cloud service. I have also found that all-in-one products tend to be very loose when it comes to privacy. In my experience, combining the software into a service, sold by the same company is to prevent the user from controlling their own information. Many times, you will see indemnifying language in relationship to your data in their privacy statement.

Enpass Logo

1. Enpass

Supported Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Cloud Support: Dropbox Integration
Ease of Use: Intermediate

Awallet Logo

2. Awallet

Supported Platforms: iOS, Android
Cloud Support: Dropbox Integration
Ease of Use: Intermediate

Keepass Logo

3. Keepass

Supported Platforms: PC
3rd Party Platform Support: MacOS, iOS, Android
Sync Support: Remote Folder (Manual) Ease of Use: Hard