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Remote Utilities is remote desktop software. I have tried many products and many of them work great, are simple to use, but expensive, or cloud based. I use to use Team Viewer, its worked really good, but they charge $1200 a year for a license, and there terms of service transparency regarding their polices around subscription billing in my mind is unethical. If you do not cancel the subscription 30days before you want to cancel it, your locked into another subscription for the following year. I have tried gotomypc and that works good but its cloud based. I do not like supporting cloud based applications if can avoid it. Cloud remote support applications like GOTOMYPC are hosted directly from the cloud, and they pretty much control everything about the application due to the subscription based model many companies use.

I finally sat down one day and did some real research on finding a remote desktop application that would suit my needs. I was looking for the ability to connect to my own, and customers computers remotely, either in unattended mode or by permission, which ever the customer opted for. I also wanted portability as I often load all my tools on a USB flash drive, so that I can repair computers at my office, or in the field without having to install software on a customer’s computer. Avoiding applications that require an install minimizes risk of damage to the customer’s device.

I found that Remote Utilities works reliably, is cost effective, and has features that are far ahead of the competition. The most important feature to me is 2-Factor Authentication that is natively built into the application. 2-Factor Authentication is a security measure that minimizes risk of having your credentials hacked.

Remote Utilities is affordable as well. The company offers a free license for up to 10 PC. 20 licenses is around $100 dollars (Non-Subscription Based). I just wanted to thank the developers of this software, they are very fair in their dealings and with all these remote desktop companies going subscription based, this is a breath of fresh air. I only which I knew about this product before I purchase a Teamviewer license.