Uncovering my own Cultural Domination Aspects

I am involved in doing interpersonal work with the Mankind Project and one of the topics that came up for me this week is my behavior around anger and irritation towards others when I want to push people away. I am discovering that aspects of my behavior around my mother (The Feminine) is a result of what I have learned from my Father (The Masculine). The way in which my parents related to each other contains a male dominating aspect to it.

One of my Mankind Project brothers suggested I do some writing around this topic. I decided to turn this into a writing via voice dictation on the path of a mini-journey.

For background information on the topic of what I call “Cultural Domination” check out the Wikipedia article on “Cultural Imperialism”


I took the higher plane at the fork in the road. The choice between hatred or love for me is a lower or higher decision. When I choose the higher path, I always feel better even though the journey is more difficult. The path becomes easer though each time I take it.

I realize how strenuous this journey can be every time I choose the higher path of doing right for myself and others. I honor my courage and my willingness to not give up.


Sometimes during a rigorous journey, there is a sharp turn in the path. Life is full of ups and downs, where I get turned around. Its faith in the all-good that life brings to me exactly what I need to learn to be a better human being.

I’m finding that this journey is understanding where my blind spots in life are. Many of these blind spots have to do with unfamiliar terrain. I become afraid and often turn away from walking into the unknown.


I reached the highest place I could on this path. As I look out into the horizon, I’m reminded that all journeys take work, but once the work is done, I can enjoy it.


I’m reminded that my shadows (Unconscious Feelings and Thoughts) follow me, but if I can keep them in the foreground of my life I can see where I’m being driven to act in ways that do not serve the best interests of humanity.


My life is like the roots of this tree. Sometimes the roots of my life are visible or protrude out to show me where I have been, and where I want to go.

Be Kind Be Love

All in all this journey is about being kind to myself and seeing where I attempt to dominate others to make myself feel comfortable in unfamiliar territory. Then I can stop myself and let the darkness hit me and remain unaltered.