Windows Decluttering Service

Scooter's Tweaks: Windows Decluttering Service

In 2017, Microsoft implemented data collection into it’s Windows 10 Operating System. Due to the negative effects that this practice has on customer privacy, I offer a decluttering service to remove and disable certain unnecessary and unwanted functions.* ** Here is what this service provides:

  • I disable all Telemetry and Data Collection services.
  • I uninstall all Microsoft Windows 10 apps, except the basic, or useful ones that would prevent the normal operation of the device: Mail, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Sticky,, Soundrecorder, MSpaint, Screensketch.
  • I uninstall device manufacturer specific preloaded applications that are not necessary for the functioning of the device.
  • I check for applications that could potentially slow down the device, determine if those applications are necessary for the normal operation of the device, and if not, I remove them.

* I do not guarantee any performance improvements as a result of any of these adjustments, but removing apps that run at boot-time, which many Microsoft built-in apps do, usually improves performance.
** I do not guarantee that these settings will remain permanently. Microsoft’s Windows feature updates, certain features they deem necessary, might be re-enabled during an update, which might require a future decluttering service.

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I can also customize any windows desktop feature, by removing features that get in the way of productivity, or adding ones that improve the user experience.

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