Recommendation (In-Office)

I offer recommendations on hardware replacement and upgrades. If you are looking for expert advise on purchasing a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet, I have over 20 years of experience with computer electronics. I know many of the ins-and-outs equipment manufactures use to cut corners on performance, stability and manufacturing techniques to save money that can result in a negative experience for you after a purchase. I deliver to you a list of devices that can future-proof your on-device productivity. You get exactly what you need without the time required to educate yourself on the specifics of hardware price-to-quality ratio.

I provide the following:

  • I gather information from you on your needs, or requirements in a in-person or over-the-phone consultation.
  • I Email you a list of recommendations that meet these needs, or requirements.
  • I allot 20mins of my time for each recommendation to respond to after-purchase questions about the recommendation, or the device when the question is related to the recommendation specifics. (Subject to my time constraints.)