Multimedia & Gaming

Desktop Assembly

If you’ve already purchased parts for a custom PC, I can assemble the parts and configure the machine for operation. I can also replace and upgrade individual components. I have over 20 years of experience dealing with the most complicated issues that may come up during a hardware setup. All hardware will be stress tested for failures. The operating system installation and assembly have a full work guarantee on the proper installation and testing of the hardware/software after assembly....more

Hardware Upgrade

You might need a newer video card or more memory. I offer affordable rates and a work guarantee for upgrading your current hardware....more

Hardware Replacement

If you want a piece of hardware replaced, like a hard drive or video card and you don’t want to do it yourself, I offer affordable rates and a work guarantee for replacing your current hardware....more

Gaming Computers

Local Custom Gaming Computer Design For Hardcore and Average Gaming Use. With over 20 years of hardware experience, my custom PC gaming rigs provide you with the right hardware specifications for the games you want to play. I provide a service that offers the best performance/stability that a gaming system can offer. To keep your system running smoothly you get a 100% guarantee on the operation of the hardware with my well known one-on-one personal support to maintain your state-of-the-art tech....more

Custom System Design

I design custom computer systems built specifically for your needs. Whether you feel like you are not getting what you expect from a well known manufacturer, or you have set of specifications that you want included in your own personal system. I can help you get the most out of your hardware setup for the money you want to spend...more

Desktops for Professionals

If you are a Graphic Designer, Photoshop Expert, 3D modeler, Videographer, Business Consultant, or Web Developer you are going to need a stable, top of the line computer system. I offer custom computer systems built with quality hardware specific for the task at hand. When you purchase a new computer from an OEM provider they usually offer limited choices, using the “one size fits all” approach. The result is a computer system built with standardized hardware options with limited expandability....more