Gaming Computers

Local Custom Gaming Computer Design For Hardcore and Average Gaming Use.

Photo of Custom Gaming Rig

With over 20 years of hardware experience, my custom PC gaming rigs provide you with the right hardware specifications for the games you want to play. I provide a service that offers the best performance/stability that a gaming system can offer. To keep your system running smoothly you get a 100% guarantee on the operation of the hardware with my well known one-on-one personal support to maintain your state-of-the-art tech.

I started building and upgrading hardware for gaming in the nineties. I was designing gaming machines when the first 3d graphics card was released on the market by 3dfx. I have a long history with how hardware functions in many different configurations. The best part about my skills is my love for putting together a machine that performs. For me it’s like building a race car designed for a specific race, or many types of races. I put great care and love into what I do, because I enjoy doing it.

I am able to advise, spec-out, design, custom build and provide support services for gaming platforms of all levels. From the average, to hardcore, or even whole gaming rooms. I provide the skills and knowledge to make hardware and software work for the games you want to play with minimal hassle and downtime.

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