System Configuration Setup & Upgrades

New desktops and laptops often are delivered with out-of-date windows components and hardware specific drivers and firmware. By upgrading and updating these components, something that is not easily done by just letting the Windows Update Service do all the heavy lifting, downtime and frustration is minimized working with a computer system that is not fully ready for operation out of the box. Also new devices are shipped with all of the Windows features enabled and in many cases, can get in the way of a smooth functioning system. Many of these features are often not used by the owner and just take up space on your disk and cause performance bottlenecks. I work on the desktop environment by removing unwanted software, I.E Manufacturer loaded software that deliver adverts designed to compel you purchase 3rd party products, and reconfigure Windows to operate with a minimal set of features that can be enabled at a later date, on a as-needed basis.

If your device is running slow, or you are having reoccurring problems with device stability, have it checked out. I use the latest tools and technology to get your device’s performance up to a standard you can live with. I will check startup programs, services, drivers, the amount of free memory, provide resource tuning, and check your storage configuration for performance and stability gains. This can be a much more affordable solution than purchasing a new computer, depending on its end-of-life date. I will also recommend hardware upgrades that are needed to keep your computer performing in top shape.

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