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Cloud Backup Setup Service

Data Transfers

A data transfer is a service that involves moving, or copying data from one, or more source devices and transferring that data to a target device, or devices, such as another computer or a secondary storage device. Data/System Transfers/Migrations If you require a data transfer service and you do not know the specifics of your data, like what file types/software you want transferred/migrated or the location of where your data files are stored, a migration audit report is required....more

Backup Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery Solution (Local and Cloud) I can help you setup solution that backs-up important data to a local or cloud based storage device. Disaster Recovery Backup Solution Storage devices usually have a limited life span due to wear and tear. A disaster recovery solution backs-up your system, programs and personal data. In the event of a hardware loss, or disaster, a recovery of that data can be performed minimizing down-time....more



Data Recovery Data Recovery is a process of evaluating and attempting to retrieve data that has become inaccessible due to an operating system failure, hardware damage, or due to accidental deletion by the user. STOP! If you are experiencing performance problems, hangs, freezing, or unrecoverable errors, your storage device might be in the process of failing catastrophically. In addition if you experienced a loss already on a device you are currently using, in both cases, stop using your device and have a diagnostic/analysis performed on the device immediately....more