Data Transfers

A data transfer is a service that involves moving, or copying data from one, or more source devices and transferring that data to a target device, or devices, such as another computer or a secondary storage device.

Data/System Transfers/Migrations

If you require a data transfer service and you do not know the specifics of your data, like what file types/software you want transferred/migrated or the location of where your data files are stored, a migration audit report is required. I audit your system or data to determine what needs to be transferred before the data transfer service is performed. I do this due the operating system file/directory security settings, that in many cases, makes it difficult to make copies of all data from a drive. Also for space saving concerns, its not always necessary to transfer system data (that will never be used on the target system anyway). I also perform Migration Audit Reports to determine if a system migration will actually operate correctly on the target system and in some cases, if programs need to be transferred separately.

Damaged Media

Physical media like floppies, hard disk drives, and optical disks have a shelf life of 10-20 years. Also your disks are subject to wear and tear damage. Transferring data from damaged disks fall under my Data Recovery Service.

Migration Audit Report

In some cases, an audit report of your applications, software, settings and data is performed to ascertain the specifics of data you want transferred. This service is for a customer that does not know what needs to be transferred.

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Drive Replacement

If you require your storage device to be replaced or upgraded. This service is only required if your storage device has failed, or is running out of space.

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Drive Removal

If one or more of my services depends on having the storage device removed, this service may need to be performed. In many cases, involving really old or non-functioning devices, I need to remove the storage device to perform a transfer or migration.

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System Transfer

In most cases, operating systems, settings, and applications can be transferred to another device. Call for more information.

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Files Transfer

Transfer files and folders from one device to another.

The amount of date you have depends on the size of the folder/folders you want transferred. If you need help determining this contact me. As an example, there are about 40,000 photos in a set of files that equals 250gigs of data.

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Email Transfer

If you are having trouble moving your mail from one service to another, I have special tools and expertise in transferring POP and IMAP mail.

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Disk Transfer

Floppy, Zip and Optical (DVD,and CD) first 5 disks:

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Floppy, Zip and Optical (DVD,and CD) 10 to 25:

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Floppy, Zip and Optical (DVD,and CD) 25 to 50:

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Floppy, Zip and Optical (DVD,and CD) 50 to 100:

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