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Remote System Care Package

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I provide recurring home and small office remote system care services for your PC Desktops and Laptops. I handle system security, backup and upkeep. Remote system care improves performance of your device, minimizes down time and service visits by tuning your system for optimal performance and predicting hardware/software failures.

I provide piece of mind that the most import parts of your computer are being protected with robust security, upkeep, and regular disaster recovery backups of your most important data. Just like a car, computers need love and care on a regular basis. With my skills and experience in forecasting future hardware and software problems, I keep you in the loop and aware by handling the tasks of maintaining your device for you, so you do not have to worry that you are missing a vital component needed to keep your device protected from harm.

(Please see terms below about special conditions)
  • Up to date software that minimizes security threats to your computer
  • Care of your computer's security through threat behavior analysis.
  • Many desktops and laptops have storage capabilities that have a limited life span. If your endeavors require that your downtime be limited, having a professional monitor the life expectancy of your storage device helps to prevent unexpected down time by planning for upgrades and planning backups before catastrophe's happen.

  • Maintain software updates.
  • Problem Forecasting and Mitigation
  • Controlled Windows 10 Feature Updates: Technician forces an update during an opportune time when the device is not being used to test for problems. Requires the Remote Backup Package Helps to minimize down time with Windows 10 feature updates that get updated during unexpected times, regular rates apply.

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  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Carbonite Cloud Backup
  • Reliable upkeep of backup software and data.
12% Savings
Remote System Management is a preemptive service that aims to reduce failures, unresolved security, or software/hardware issues that usually cause catastrophes requiring a repair visit. Please note, depending on the package you purchase, that you are giving my service permission to remotely manage and maintain your system's security, backup and upkeep. From a security perspective, to protect your computer from attackers, certain changes to these products or services may require a technicians intervention. The Remote System Management fees exclusively covers the upkeep of the service and its components. I will contact you about additional servicing in the event a problem is identified with your device that requires a resolution or repair.
  • Remote Upkeep System Management is a service that helps prevent downtime by identifying potential problems to your hardware and software before they cause catastrophes.
  • Remote Backup System Management is a service that helps prevent backup failures from happening and with the upkeep monitoring portion, in many cases, may enable me to trigger a backup before a catastrophe.
  • Remote Security System Management is a service that, in most cases, helps to prevent threats from causing damage to your system or data. This particular security product contains a Tamper-Resistant Password Protection(Managed by Technician). Product settings and installation are locked to prevent intruders from bypassing your computer's security settings.
  • Should a disaster strike, and hardware become damaged, costs for hardware repair and replacement is covered under my normal fees for servicing a computer, outside of the Remote System Management service.

Installed Services/Software

Macrium Reflect: Disaster recovery backup software used in the Backup System Care Service. Set to image internal system or data drives with a retention policy of 12 weeks of full backups,4 weeks of differential backups, and 14 days of incremental backups.

Carbonite Safe: This software is used in the Backup System Care Service as a fail-over backup for personal data in the event you loose access to your location, the equipment is lost/taken, or Macrium Reflect fails to make a backup. Personal data like documents, and pictures are backed up to the Carbnoite cloud on a realtime schedule.

Bitdefender Total Security MSP Edition: This software is used in the Security System Care Service A security product designed to protect customers against on-line and local threats.

Zoho Assist Unattended: This software is used to provide these services remotely. I provided checks on software and hardware reliability though tools that survey those particular systems to protect against imminent failures or problems with stability.