Information Security

Data Security

Securing your data involves storing your data in a secure place using encryption or controlling access to that location via security permissions or physical access. If you are concerned about theft, loss, or unauthorized access to sensitive data contact me. I can give you a free analysis quote on your needs and provide a cost effective solution to secure your information allowing you to abide by legal or business concerns. Request Quote...more

System Security

Malware/Virus Prevention If you operate a device for your home or business and are concerned about malware/virus activity I provide solutions that can protect you in the follow areas of system security: User awareness, User behavior, and preventative security software. Service Price $85 Malware/Virus Removal If you think you may have already become a victim of a malware or virus infection I offer a cleaning service that provides a quick turn around, comprehensive report, and after support....more

Network Security

You can have a home or small business network that is setup with standard consumer equipment using stock configurations used by guests or family members. But you may want to have better security than consumer grade stock configurations allow. You may want to prevent malicious activity, or setup better authentication for users so you can keep your network in good standing and prevent downtime and issues. I offer a free estimate consultation to talk with you about your concerns to find a solution that is cost and security effective for the size of your network....more