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Right to Repair

Technology Providers like Apple, Nikon, Verizon often prevent, or make it hard for customers to obtain information about a product or service. They have been known to even lock out repair facilities, like mine, from making repairs on many new electronic devices. Please support choice by supporting independent repair technician’s right to repair these products in our own way, under our own conditions, given that we honor practices that make products reliable and safe to use....more

What's your disaster recovery plan?

The Problem. A customer called me the day after the firestorm in the 2017 Northern California fires, “Scott, our house was destroyed in the fire and our computers are gone. Can you get us up and running with new laptops, and restore our data?” It was the day after returning from the coast with my family. That day I was able to order two new laptops from dell’s online store, install Carbonite, and restore data that the customer was backing up to the cloud....more

SSD File Recovery Options

The way data is written to SSD (Solid State Storage) technology is different from HDD technology (Hard Disk Drives). On SSD’s data cannot be overwritten. Flash memory must first be erased before it can be written to. The smallest writable unit on a SSD is called a page which is typically 8 – 16 KB in size. The smallest unit that can be erased is a block which consists of several pages (8 – 16 MB in size)....more

Storing Laptop Batteries to Prolong Life Expectancy

Maintaining battery life can be a moving target. Lithium Ion batteries are used in most electronics since 2013. Unfortunately, little has changed in battery technology for computer electronics.

Windows 10 Creators Update (1709) Performance Issues Alert

Customers should watch out for a recent update to Windows 10 called “Creators Update (1709)”. The update is very big, it’s almost like installing a new version of windows. You might experience a performance hit to you device’s ability to perform while this update is downloading or installing. When the update installs it may ask to reboot your computer. There are reports of machines rebooting themselves depending on your device’s update settings....more

Why I replaced Notezilla with Taskpaper

Why its smart not to solicit your customers for mobile app reviews

When I update apps on my mobile devices I am seeing a really terrible trend, developers taking up space in their update notes begging people to review their app. I need to set the record straight before this gets out of control. If your app is worth giving a review, I will go out of my way to do that. But when you nag me for a review in the app itself (or anywhere else) I get this sense of being compelled, by force, through in-app nagging notifications, to leave a review....more