5 reasons why upgrading every 5 years enriches your life

I know, I know, another discussion about this beat to death topic?

Computers should just last forever, right?

When your automobile breaks down on the way to an important meeting after running it into the ground is that idea going to help you recover from the time loss?

Automobiles don’t last forever and neither do computers. Computers are much more likely to break down or cause issues due to wear and tear because they are much more complicated and require regular upkeep and eventually, yes, they need to be upgraded.

Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your computer every five years.


It sounds like a gimmick, but the fact is that as technology evolves and software changes, hardware needs to change with it. Features in new operating systems can be used to provide enhancements that weren’t possible in older systems.

Increased productivity

Today we have faster memory, faster storage drives, increased graphics capabilities, and more processing power – With these increased resources the processing of workloads improves dramatically. There is a joke in technical circles that using an outdated computer as it gets slower and slower is like being boiled in a pot of water with the temperature slowing being turned up, you don’t notice the heat until it’s too late.

Reduced cost over time

Upgrading sounds expensive, but the truth is that older systems have more issues – and consequently more costs. The cost of dealing with a disruption caused by an unstable system or faulty software can very quickly become an investment nightmare.

Better security

Because aging systems are not actively updated, they are vulnerable to having information stolen or compromised. Newer technology has better security checking. (Of course, upgrading to newer hardware is not a replacement for better awareness around current threats, read my articles on security.)

Declining Support

IT professionals can’t productively support technology that has become too old. It costs more for the technician to service older hardware because of the time it takes to boot and interact with software.

If you are a professional that has a PC that is over five years old or you are an average computer user that has a computer over seven years old contact me for a quote & recommendation on new hardware. I provide comprehensive and cost effect packages that cover every aspect of the upgrade process