Building Computers as a Life Experience

Having a computer opens doors, and building one will open even more. I built my first computer in 2020, and it opened my eyes to this. As a kid, I always had a fixation with disassembling different electronics and trying to see how they worked. Often when I would take something apart and put it back together it would no longer work, and it was a bit of a disappointment, but when it worked it was incredible. Building a computer gave me this feeling on a massive scale. It gave me so much confidence that I had been able to make something that seemed so complicated to work. Since then, I have built 2 more computers and the feeling stays the exactly same, and each time I learn new skills by learning from my past mistakes.

So why not encourage your descendants to build their own computer? It may seem like a very daunting task at first. But if you work with them, as my friends worked with me on my first computer, it will be a ton of fun. At best, you’ll have a core memory with your descendants. I’ll never forget my first-time computer build and my friends who were with me.

A computer can be an almost magical tool in the modern world. It allows you to create all kinds of different art, edit videos, contact people all around the world, access nearly infinite resources and articles to learn from, and help you to learn and develop skills. Understanding its inner workings develop knowledge to troubleshoot problems not just with computers, but in all areas of life.

Technology is moving fast and becoming more and more complicated. Every year, new devices are being released, spawning new ways for humans to interact with their world. Having a head start in a world of developing technology by understanding the inner workings creates confidence and hope for children.

About This Article

This article was written by Ethan while interning with me at my office. Ethan is a high school senior that is also attending the JC. Back in 2020, Ethan built his very first computer and since then he has built two more. If you are interested in having a computer built for your descendants, or you have questions about the process of building a computer, contact me.

“Working with Mr. Larson has been a wonderful learning experience and has helped me to dive deeper into technology and expand my understanding of it.” - Ethan