You previously consulted with me on a electronic device repair or a information technology consultation. I obtained your permission to email you from time to time about my services and the state of technology.

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Creating self-empowerment with technology in 2022

Thank you for allowing me to help you with all of your computer needs last year. I enjoy recommending new hardware and creating solutions that simplify your life. To help predict upcoming trends, I reflect on the challenges we collaborated on at the end of the year. Below are some recommendations to avoid issues you might run into as we gear up for a new wave of advancements in our ability to communicate and create. I look forward to helping you improve your workflow in the new year!

Gaining control over your Email

Many of my customers encountered sign-in issues with their old ATT, Yahoo, Pacbell, AOL, and Comcast email addresses. Find out how to take back control of your email for the new year by switching to an email provider you can trust.

Windows 11 is here, and it's not ready

The gang at Microsoft released Windows 11 in October of 2021. It's a visual improvement to its predecessor, but not quite complete. Until the bugs are worked out, likely in the middle of 2022, here there be dragons. Discover what's improved over Windows 10 in my review.

Will one repairable laptop change the world?

Laptops are getting smaller, and with these new compact designs sacrifices need to be made, or does it? One laptop has changed this game forever. Find out what the future of repairability and upgradability looks like in 2022.

About Me

I have been working with and writing about technology for over 20 years. I offer computer services to the people of Santa Rosa and the surrounding areas. I also provide remote solutions to anyone over the internet. To find out more about me, and my services, visit my home page. To request a consultation, contact me. Let me help you discover solutions to problems you didn't even know existed.

Thank you for your continued business, we appreciate it. As a local service provider we depend on people like you to keep our service local.

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