You previously consulted with me on a electronic device repair or a information technology consultation. I obtained your permission during an office visit or by phone/text to email you from time to time about my services and the state of technology.

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A blast from the past...

Want a glimpse of my troubleshooting past as a computer kid enthusiast? Read an ode to my childhood computing playground.

Kids building computers...

Read about one of my student's life experiences of building computers.

  • Build confidence and independence by learning how to build your own gaming or production desktop PC from a 25-year veteran.
  • Great summer project for students!!!

Need to recycle your old electronics?

Visit downtown Santa Rosa over the weekend! You can offload your old computer junk and get a discount at any of the establishments below for the day.

[Insert Weekend]

Establishment Location Discount
Scott Larson
The Computer Troubleshooter
555 5th Street Suite 230-A 20% Discount on all services
Your Business Name Your Address Your Discount

Send me a list of devices you want to get rid of with any weekend days you have available. I will send you a day/time in the next few months where/when you can drop off this equipment to have it recycled.

Contact me if you have any questions, or to find out more about any of the above topics!

Thank you for your continued business, we appreciate it. As a local service provider we depend on people like you to keep our service local.

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Scott Larson is a Computer Repair and Data Recovery service provider

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