Return to Laurentum

Dear kinsman, I am writing this letter to you in the message of the spirit in the hopes that you will receive it one day. You have been missing for a generation. We have heard from the Great Soul that you have become lost in the “Forgotten Land” where many of our brethren have gone missing. We wonder why you have taken a detour from your pilgrimage to the final resting place. Your stop in that place worries me. The Forgotten lives behind a false image of what can never truly be. This illusion, that they all play a part in, puts a strain on us all. The strain comes from a knowledge that life before was vastly different than the life they live today. We are concerned that your life force has been caught between worlds while you remain in that place.

The Forgotten are tricked into serving ideologies that cause divisions all across the Earth. Existence has become stale by this soliptic[^1] existence. There’s is this sadness we feel for you, by remaining, your psychological and spiritual body suffers.

How can one maintain a fluid and dynamic life, when all the focus is on maintaining the group, at the expense of the individual? They are slowly all suffering a loss of identity. This loss shows up in the building up of rage in that younger generation. Every generation, there are those that have forgotten who they were, and end their very own lives. They suffer through substance abuse and hopelessness. It is painful for us to see the innocent fall because of this sickness.

Kinsman, rise up! Return home! You belong with your people who you left long ago out of a curiosity for a life that is not real. You have been caught by a mere memory that only interests, but does not replenish.

Return to Laurentum[^2] where the waters replenish and the tree of life restores. We miss your contribution to the tribe, and many of us are gravely concerned that already, too many have been lost to this “Forgotten Land”. If your memory has been lost, visit the pool of insight and I will leave a token there for you to find your way.

Goodbye my kinsmen, I look forward to the day of your return.

[1]: *sol- also solÉ™-, Proto-Indo-European root meaning “whole, well-kept.” elliptic (adj.)“pertaining to an ellipse; having the form of an ellipse,” 1726, from Greek elleiptikos “pertaining to an ellipse,” from elleipein “to fall short, leave out”

[2]: According to Virgil’s The Aeneid the city Laurentum and its people the Laurentines gained its name because the Laurel tree was Latinus’ favourite.[8]