Windows Decluttering Service

In 2017, Microsoft implemented data collection into it’s Windows 10 Operating System. Due to the negative effects that this practice has on customer privacy, I offer a decluttering service to remove and disable certain unnecessary and unwanted functions.* ** Here is what this service provides: I disable all Telemetry and Data Collection services. I uninstall all Microsoft Windows 10 apps, except the basic, or useful ones that would prevent the normal operation of the device: Mail, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Sticky, Windows....more

Recommendation (In-Office)

I offer recommendations on hardware replacement and upgrades. If you are looking for expert advise on purchasing a Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet, I have over 20 years of experience with computer electronics. I know many of the ins-and-outs equipment manufactures use to cut corners on performance, stability and manufacturing techniques to save money that can result in a negative experience for you after a purchase. I deliver to you a list of devices that can future-proof your on-device productivity. You get exactly what you need without the time required to educate yourself on the specifics of hardware price-to-quality ratio. ...more

Computer Recycling

If you have out of date equipment that you need destroyed, I offer in-shop recycling of your equipment. Just schedule an appointment to drop it off and I will take it off your hands. I also offer secure data wiping and a return certificate of the service completion. ...more

Software Installation

I can install and configure a wide variety of software packages ranging from office applications to professional products.

Windows Upgrade/Downgrade

Windows Version Upgrade/Downgrade Upgrade to the latest version of Windows brings an improved and stellar desktop experience. Or when things go haywire after upgrading, downgrade back to the original release that was working. This service includes: Upgrade/Downgrade compatibility check to determine if the system hardware is compatible. Driver and firmware compatibility check to determine your hardware is going to work with the upgrade. Includes the latest windows and driver updates along with some performance tuning to make sure your system is going to run smoothly with the new version of Windows....more

Online Repair & Resolution

Please inquire about your current level of backup if needed. Having a backup strategy prevents data loss in the event of disaster.
  • Do you have a question about a problem you are experiencing with your device?
  • Can you surf the web?

If the answer is “Yes”, I can service your device over the Internet by either fixing the problem right there, or give you a follow up recommendation to solve the problem. ...more


Is your 5 year or newer device running slow, or not the way you expected it to operate? Are you having problems with security? Find out how you can increase your performance without having to replace it. Call or schedule an appointment to drop-off your device to get a performance tune-up audit! Performance Tune-up Audit $52 When you just want to make sure your computer is running normally, I offer a more comprehensive check-up of your device....more

Online Help Request

If you have a computer issue that you would like a help with, you can use my online form to make a request for the specifics of what the problem is, and what kind of help you need. Fill out the form and I will get back to you within 24hrs with a response.

Online Quote Request

If you have a project that you would like a quote on, you can use my online form to make a request for the specifics of what it should cost to provide that service. Fill out the form and I will get back to you within 24hrs with a response.

Phone Support

Phone & Text Support
Check my hours for availability. I offer a free evaluation of your issue. In this evaluation, I use my 20+ years of experience to visually inspect your device and make a educated guess on the cause. This helps you decide whether diagnosing or repairing your issue is worth your time. Please understand that many issues require a full diagnostic of the hardware or the software. If you have a question about technology, you can consult with me over the phone or through an in-office visit. In this case I give you 20mins of my time to understand your issue. If you want more information about my project based services you can visit the Repairs, Home-Office, and Multimedia/Gaming sections of my website. For information on the costs of these services, check my rates section. If you have a question, please contact me. ...more