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Phone & Text Support
Check my hours for availability. I offer a free evaluation of your issue. In this evaluation, I use my 20+ years of experience to visually inspect your device and make a educated guess on the cause. This helps you decide whether diagnosing or repairing your issue is worth your time. Please understand that many issues require a full diagnostic of the hardware or the software. If you have a question about technology, you can consult with me over the phone or through an in-office visit. In this case I give you 20mins of my time to understand your issue. If you want more information about my project based services you can visit the Repairs, Home-Office, and Multimedia/Gaming sections of my website. For information on the costs of these services, check my rates section. If you have a question, please contact me.

Please do inquire about protecting your data before requesting a servicing. I am not responsible, nor liable, for any kind of data loss, or hardware damage due to wear and tear. Before you request a servicing, back-up your data. If you don’t have a backup strategy already, contact me so I can help you formulate a plan.