When your device experiences trouble I can provide a professional report on the extent of the problem. Diagnostics are done before any repairs are completed to analyze the scope of the problem and provide a cost/benefit analysis.

  • When any repair is authorized on behalf of a diagnostic report, I give you a 25% discount on the diagnostic fee.
  • I deliver cutting edge results to any hardware or software related problem with over twenty years of hardware experience while using the latest hardware diagnostic tools.
  • A full diagnostic service can take twenty four to forty eight non-billable hours to complete. Sometimes a bit longer if I am backed up with work.
  • In some cases, comprehensive diagnostics on obscure problems can take longer, up to one or sometimes two non-billable weeks. Contact me about getting a loaner device in these situations.
  • Half-off all diagnostic work when repairs are authorized.
  • This fee is per device.

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