Terms of Service

Who can request service

I provide technical service solely to individuals. If you own a business or you work for a business all service related dealings will be handled by you and I. If you want someone else to engage with me on a service in question on your behalf, please provide your consent in writing to allow that someone to speak for you and act on your behalf.

My Response Times

Unless my work schedule is nearing the end of the day, I will respond to communications within three hours, or less. There are a few exceptions to this time frame: If I am on a emergency appointment where I cannot get away, I am on vacation, I am out sick, or it is during off hours. If I am occupied with any of these situations, I will respond to any and all communications on the next business day....more

Service Priority

I operate on a first come, first serve basis. Unless you want a priory service. If you need a faster turn-around, see my priority rates. During my regular service schedule, I always prioritize customers that have already paid for service, over those that have an outstanding payment that is due.


All payments can be made via check or cash. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you can paypal me, or venmo me at @scottrlarson.

Responsible Communication

Its very important to me that I provide the best possible service and that means that after I completed my service on your device, I want to return your device to you in a timely manner. I rely on you to provide me with timely responses to my requests, especially if you require a quick turn-around on the service of your device. In certain cases, failure to follow up on my request for communication in a timely manner may increase the chance of a delay with other customer’s services....more


Please back up your data or talk to me about a backup strategy before having any work done. Data loss can happen, and you agree not to hold me liable, nor responsible for any form of data loss. In the process of updating software, or making changes to the way software functions on your device, bugs and errors can be introduced by the way in which software interacts with the operating system....more

Appointment Scheduling

If you require an at-location or in-shop consultation contact me to make an appointment. Please note that making appointments with me require both of us to be prompt and communicative about delays/cancellations ahead of time by at least 2hrs. If I fail to show up for our appointment I will wave the first hour of the consultation. If I am late for an appointment over 10mins I will take %25 off your fee....more

Your Time Frame Expectations

During the evaluation period, I will do my best to communicate to you the length of time a service might require. With certain technical problems the length of time to diagnose or repair can range from a couple hours, days, or even weeks depending on the issue, and the time may change depending on what crops up during the servicing. If you cannot be without your device for the length of time specified during the servicing, ask about acquiring a replacement, or loaner device....more

Right to Self-Regulation

When I provide you a service, or if an arrangement that benefits both parties is agreed upon, or in the works, I reserve the right not to subject myself to background checks, licenses to do business, be employed by another, or any process that subjects me to any authority other than my own.

Your Privacy

Communication Privacy Statement During the servicing of your device, by your request, I may have to access certain areas of your file system, or online accounts, that might contain private information. I will not knowingly take any action that involves breaching the privacy to your digital information in any way. I take every effort within my ability to secure any private/personal communications/data from any locations that I service devices at....more