Deceptive Design In Recent Computers and Laptops

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Very recently, OEM (Orginal Equipment Manufacturers of desktops and laptops, like Dell, HP and Sony, etc.) have been introducing new features into the Basic Input/Output System (the system that controls all the hardware in a computer).

These features are put in under the guise of protecting the consumer, but I think it’s complicating the use of new computers, reducing ownership power and ownership privacy. The important point for me as a technology service provider is it’s making my job harder to provide my services.

I have decided that it’s no longer a good business decision to have to conform to the limitations these changes place on my services.

Because of the evolution of the internet, the computer industry has been going through a lot of changes in the last couple of years. From my perspective, some of these changes are good for society, and some are not. For now, manufacturers, who design and sell off-the-shelf consumer computer parts, parts that go into making a computer, are not affected by the closed and proprietary changes OEM providers are currently making to computers they sell to consumers. But there is mounting pressure to design hardware around a closed security model where the market-dominating companies can dictate how hardware is developed.

Please note that the OEM providers are not required to follow certain standards like the rest of the computer industry that sell computer parts. They can and do make for-project changes to the equipment they design. These kinds of changes, that are made to hardware and software, run counter to open design/development standards, usually an attempt to monopolize a market, or gather data from its customers without informed consent. To read more about this topic, see my articles on “DeceptiveTechnology”

If you plan on upgrading to, or purchasing a new computer, I will recommend a custom-made computer, instead of an OEM Computer that you purchase from a computer store. This will affect some of my services to you. I can still handle most repair issues with OEM computers, but I will no longer be performing hardware upgrades to any OEM Models.

I apologize if this inconveniences you in any way.