What sets me apart from most IT professionals

  • I have a wide range of expertise.
  • I care about the customer’s needs like my own.
  • I’m independent.
  • I have good record keeping.
  • I do very well at keeping the customer in the loop during in-progress projects and services with follow-ups.
  • I stay abreast of most of the latest technologies.
  • I write articles about my experiences in the field.
  • I’m good at communicating technical subjects in a simple to understand way.


Check my hours for availability.

Payment Terms

Ongoing service rates are determined by the immediacy, or the day/time a service is requested. Services that require a faster turn-around time are higher than services that can wait. If you require a specific service, check my project based services in the main menu of my website.

I offer discounts for Senior Citizens, Non-profits, Non-business Residential, and Homeless customers for all my services upon request. Call, Text or Visit my office for more info.

I accept cash, check, or credit card via paypal using the mobile app, or online website.Payments are due before the device is released, or before I leave the service location. The exception is if I have an on-going relationship with you as the business owner to provide a service, or I draw up a proposal/quote for an on-going project. In this case the max time for payments is two weeks. Please be prepared to pay me for my time after the work requested is complete. Not having the proper payment method, or amount may halt any work in progress, prevent me from starting any work, or prevent you from picking up your device. Payments that are late incur a $0.50 charge per day.

I only provide services directly to individuals/people, and individuals/people who operate small operations with 10 or less employees.

In-Shop Service

Diagnosis/Analysis Service Turn-Around Range Rates (25% when a repair service is authorized on the same device.

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours Evaluations
$103-$178 $87-$153 $63-$108 $101-$173 $113-$193 Free

Repair Service Per Hour Turn-Around Rates

Most devices require a diagnostic/analysis before any repairs can be performed.

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours Evaluations
$158.00 $123.00 $103.00 $173.00 $203.00 Free

In-Office Consultations

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours Evaluations
$158.00 $123.00 $103.00 $173.00 $203.00 Free

At-Your-Location Consultations

Pick-up/Drop-Off Service (Within 5miles of Downtown SR) Some services require work to be performed in my office.

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours
$103.00 $51.00 $27.00 $127.00 $156.00

Scheduled Visit Repair/Resolution Rates Per Hour (1hr minimum)

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours
$178.00 $153.00 $128.00 $203.00 $228.00

Scheduled Visit Training, or File/Folder Organization Rates Per Hour (1hr minimum)

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours
$103.00 $78.00 $53.00 $128.00 $153.00

Scheduled Repair/Resolution Remote/Phone Support Rates Per Hour (30min minimum) (3hr maximum per day)

Same Day 3-7 day 1 week+ Weekend Off Hours
$78.00 $63.00 $53.00 $88.00 $98.00

Basic Retainer At-Location/Remote/Phone Support Package (Quaterly) (No Weekends or Off-Hours)

4x Phone/Remote 1x At-Location
$200.00 $100.00

Intermediate Retainer/Priority Service Contract At-Location/Remote/Phone Support Package (Quaterly) (No Weekends or Off-Hours)

8x Phone/Remote 2x At-Location
$400.00 $200.00

Advanced Retainer/Priority Service Contract At-Location/Remote/Phone Support Package (Quaterly) (No Weekends or Off-Hours)

12x Phone/Remote 3x At-Location
$600.00 $300.00

Project Based Fees

  • If you have a question about a specific service, please see my menu of services at the top of my website.
  • In-office research fees are $40.00 an hour. Used in situations where you need a report, or recommendation delivered to you on a product, or concept idea. I offer free 30 minutes of research time for customers that have already purchased a diagnostic, or repair service, if the requested research will be related to the device I am servicing. There are no additions to this fee unless you require face to face contact, or have follow-up questions that exceed more than 10 minutes per service.



To provide information technology assistance to the public.

Professional Work History

2009 - 2020 Independent IT Service to the public - Owner/Operator - Technical Solutions Provider

Servicing the Santa Rosa community and the surrounding areas in the following ways:

  • Setup new PC’s and Mac’s
  • Migrated data from old devices to new devices.
  • Recovered data from failed media devices.
  • Installed Windows & Mac applications
  • Diagnosed & repaired: Internet issues, software issues, networking issues, faulty hardware issues and more.

2009 - 2006 Sonic.net Internet Service Provider - Customer Service

  • Provided Email and Phone Support for Customers

2000 - 2006 Sonic.com DVD Authoring Software - Computer/Network Support

  • Provided Desktop Support for 100+ Employee’s onsite and offsite
  • Maintained Microsoft and Linux Web Servers
  • Maintained Disaster Recovery and Employee Work Data Backups


  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 7,8 10, MS-DOS, Unix (Solaris, Linux, BSD), OS/X, Linux.
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Scripting.
  • Applications: Apache, IIS, MS Office.
  • Network Hardware: Routers, switches, hubs, cable modem equipment, Wifi equipment.
  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, FTP, SSH, Telnet.
  • Security: IPCop, All Antivirus solitions, Linux (ipchains), Sonicwall Firewalls, Mason, Snort, Nessus
  • Computer Hardware: x86, x64 PC , Macintosh, Sun workstations

Technical Focus

Repair and Diagnosis of the following hardware:

  • Systems: Intel & AMD PC’s, Apple Macs
  • CPU’S: Intel & AMD
  • Chipset support: latest Intel and AMD chipsets
  • CPU/CoProcessor testing - Instruction Sets – MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, AVX, AVX2 - Buffer, Cache, Commands, Exceptions, Floating Point Unit, Interrupts, Operations, Prime Number Genera- tion, Registers - Stress test
  • Memory - Extended memory - Protected Mode Testing - Large Memory Configurations: 96gigs and up
  • Storage -Supported controllers: PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS - Supported devices: Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, SCSI Drives, USB Drives, Card Readers, Floppy Drives, Zip Drives, NVMe Drives - Optical Drives: Blu-ray/BD-R/BD-RE, HD DVD, CD-ROM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW, DVD-ROM/+R DL/-R DL/+R/-R/RAM/+RW/-RW - RAID configurations
  • System Board - Supported chipsets: AMD, ATI, Intel, nVidia, SiS, VIA Available testing: - BIOS Timer, CMOS, CMOS RAM, RTC - DMA Channels, IRQ Controller, RAM Refresh, SMBus, System Timer - PCI, PCIe, miniPCI, miniPCIe, PCMCIA, PCMCIA Detec- tion, CardBus - 8042 keyboard controller, USB • IEEE1394, USB - Serial Ports - Parallel Ports
  • Multimedia - DirectX (support through DX11) and CUDA video cards, Video Ports - Audio testing up to 7.1 surround sound - Webcams - RealSense 3D Camera - Display Cards - Touch Screens - Sound Cards - Analog & Digital - LED, Plasma Displays - Video Ports
  • Communications - Ethernet Cards & Onboard Chips - WiFi Cards & Onboard Chips - Bluetooth Cards and Onboard Chips - Modem Cards & Onboard Chips - Mobile Broadband Cards & Onboard Chips - NFC Communication Testing
  • Misc - Keyboards - Mice - Laptop, All-in-one Batteries - Hibernation - Standby - USB Ports - FireWire Ports - Printing - Power Adapters - Power Connectors

Repair and Diagnosis of the following software:

  • Operating Systems - Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux.
  • Software Applications - Microsoft Office, Web Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, Desktop Publishing, Photo and Video Publishing.


  • 707-536-1527 | Rings both office + mobile > voicemail.
  • 707-416-5811 | Only voice and text, no voice-mail.
  • 555 5th Street Suite 230-A Santa Rosa, California
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm | Saturday: 10am to 4pm
  • At-Location Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm, Weekends upon request and subject to my time constraints.
  • Phone Hours: Monday-Friday: 9am to 7pm