Updates on my endeavors.

What is Identity Theft Protection, and do you need it?

It is relatively easy from the standpoint of a thief to impersonate your online identity and assume your financial standing. Using your identity, a thief can open up a line of credit under your name and go on a shopping spree making you assume all of the responsibility until you rectify the problem. As more and more of our personal information gets warehoused online, protecting information against theft is a continuing challenge on both sides of the fence, customers and financial institutions alike....more

Protecting Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Smartphones are much more than simple tools to make calls and take pictures. They have become our personal assistants. Storing everything about us. On the one hand, using a smartphone for our day to day living makes life much more convenient. On the other hand, storing all that info about our life on one device that we take with us on the go, opens us up to data theft. It’s nothing to be afraid of, its important for our society to be open....more

New Office at 555 5th Street

I moved my office on 3/1/2019 to a new and improve location. 555 5th Street Suite 230-a. I’m still downtown a block away from the Santa Rosa Plaza. This new location has a bigger space to operate. As of 1/1/2019 my rates have changed as well. Check my rates page for more information. With this new location I offer faster and a quicker turn-around time. I am one of two people that operates so close to downtown Santa Rosa....more

Improving the Life Expectancy of your SSD

A SSD is a Solid State Drive. SSD’s are part of most newer computers, laptops and mobile devices. A storage device stores your personal information every time you save, copy, or transfer a file to your device. SSD’s use non-moving parts like memory technology. A hard disk drive uses moving parts to store information. Like Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s), Solid State Storage devices (SSD’s) have a life expectancy time line....more

Ebook Publishing Process

I am a author, publisher, and ebook conversion specialist. I got my start developing websites about 5 years after the internet was in fruition. During the beginning of 2019, my first book “Most Improved” was authored, and published in digital form. I then converted the digital format to a print version so my audience can experience both formats. I can do the same for you. If you are looking to convert your manuscript to a ebook, or you are just thinking about finding another way to format your documents so you can easily get them to you customers in a way they can read them, on any device, with out a major hassle, then this document is for you....more

Smooth Video Playback

Playing video online or off smoothly has some minimum hardware requirements if you want to avoid hassles: Processor: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core Processor. Graphics Card: 256 MB VRAM, 600Mhz Core Clock RAM: 4 GB If you do not know what specifications your device has, there are a few ways to check, on a PC the easiest way is to open a Run Dialog Box. Hold the Windows key down and press ‘R’....more

Where is my email stored, and is it being backed up?

You might think that when you are reading and responding to your email, it is actually is stored on your device. In the last 5 years or so IMAP and clong services changed all of that. Email is actually stored on the email hosting provider servers. Unless you are using a old POP mail account, when you read or respond to your email, you are actually reading or responding to a remote copy of this email....more

Right to Repair

Technology Providers like Apple, Nikon, Verizon often prevent or make it hard for customers to obtain information about a product or service and even lock out repair facilities like mine from making repairs on electronics. Please support choice by supporting independent repair technicians right to repair products in our own way under our own conditions given that we honor practices that make products reliable and safe to use. Find out more at ifixit....more

What's your disaster recovery plan?

The Problem. A customer called me the day after the firestorm in the 2017 Northern California fires, “Scott, our house was destroyed in the fire and our computers are gone. Can you get us up and running with new laptops, and restore our data?” It was the day after returning from the coast with my family. That day I was able to order two new laptops from dell’s online store, install Carbonite, and restore data that the customer was backing up to the cloud....more

SSD File UnRecovery

The way data is written to SSD (Solid State Storage) is different from HDD (Hard Disk Drives). On SSD’s data cannot be overwritten. Flash memory must first be erased before it can be written to. The smallest writable unit on a SSD is called a page which is typically 8 – 16 KB in size. The smallest unit that can be erased is a block which consists of several pages (8 – 16 MB in size)....more