Scooters' Laptop Buyers Guide

This article may help you cut through crap the when shopping for a new laptop, and help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a lemon.

Restoring your digital life from backup after a disaster

Learn why solely backing up your data isn’t always enough to recover from a disaster. In this update, you will learn about: What is disaster recovery backup, and why should I care? How a little planning can drive a successful disaster recovery Why waiting for a disaster to happen before you plan is a bad idea Understanding technology terms Knowing the difference between backup and disaster recovery, understanding key technology terms, and evaluating software along with storage options can help you develop an effective plan for avoiding the consequences of data loss and downtime after a catastrophe strikes....more

What is Identity Theft Protection, and do you need it?

It is relatively easy from the standpoint of a thief to impersonate your online identity and assume your financial standing. Using your identity, a thief can open up a line of credit under your name and go on a shopping spree making you assume all of the responsibility until you rectify the problem. As more and more of our personal information gets warehoused online, protecting information against theft is a continuing challenge on both sides of the fence, customers and financial institutions alike....more

Protecting Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Smartphones are much more than simple tools to make calls and take pictures. They have become our personal assistants. Storing everything about us. On the one hand, using a smartphone for our day to day living makes life much more convenient. On the other hand, storing all that info about our life on one device that we take with us on the go, opens us up to data theft. It’s nothing to be afraid of, its important for our society to be open....more

The Importance of Regular Device Maintenance

We live in an age of mobile devices. We are accustom to replacing a device before it needs maintenance with the exception of laptop’s and desktops. If you have a device that you want to keep as long as possible, maintenance is the glue that holds the operation of your device together. Just like your prized automobile, changing out the tires and oil keeps it operational for your most important trips....more

What is a Disaster Recovery Backup Solution?

A disaster recovery backup solution preserves a local copy of all data: Desktop Settings, Programs, and personal/business data like (Documents, Pictures or Music) onto a local, network, or cloud based storage device. If any of your working device components fail catastrophically, your system state (all data related to the functioning of your device and your productivity) can be restored to a previous state (before the disaster) in full running condition with minimal down time....more