Scooter's Fall Newsletter: Whats your backup plan?, Solid State Storage Technology, and Scott's New Office

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Planning ahead, is your most important data being backed up?

Did you know that some financial software is built on technology so out dated that it actually prevents modern backup solutions from backing up it’s financial data?

This actually happened to a customer of mine. The legacy application the customer was using did not allow access to the financial data while the application was in use. This means that when the customer was using the application (which ways most of the time), the backup solution would skip those files as the legacy application was not able to release its lock on those particular files.

Your best bet when dealing with financial data is to use the backup tool that is built into the application on a scheduled basis. If you have to put up a reminder to do it once every month then do it. Some times you have to perform manual backups to prevent these kinds of problems from getting in the way of having a recent backup of your data. If your hard drive crashes and that data becomes lost, think about how that will effect your operations.

Also note that email stored in the cloud is not backed up. If there is a disaster at the facility, or you accidentally delete an email you wanted to save, no backup will be stored on your devices. In this case you need a email archiving solution.

For more information about backup’s check out my article “Disaster Recovery Backup, Your Fire Insurance.”

Solid State Storage Technology: Does deleting data mean it’s gone for good?

Solid State Storage Devices are like Hard Drives but they don’t having any moving parts, they’re significantly faster and use less power than HDD’s and are used in most mobile devices. With Desktops and Laptops, SSD’s are replacing HDD’s quickly. In a couple of years most new desktops and laptops will probably ship with only a Solid State Drive. SSD’s contain memory chips that permanently store information until you tell it to do something else. When you delete a file from a SSD the technology has features that clean the area that the deleted file was stored in to make room for something else. As such, the file is gone and cannot be recovered unless you used your system’s “recycle” or “trash” feature.

A good thing to keep in mind is unlike Hard Drives, deleting files on a Solid State Drive does not reset the pointer leaving the file intact until you write over it with another file. When you delete a file from a SSD, its gone forever unless your system moves that file to the recycle bin or trash. Please keep in mind that the trash or recycle bin has limited space to store files, so if you move something to the trash or recycle bin, it might not be there months or years down the road. Always have a good backup solution that retains a archive copy of your data for a period of time from 6 months to a year in case you need to go back and retrieve a file you forgot you deleted, you never know.

For more in-depth information about how SSD’s work see my SSD File UnRecovery article.

If you are interested in knowing more about the pricing and features of an SSD see my SSD performance and cost article

If you were thinking about upgrading your Hard Disk Drive to a Solid State Drive I can upgrade for you.

Scott’s New Office

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